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From the start of background, halflings have lived side-by-side with humanity, residing in human towns, adopting human customs, and seeing to the typical wishes of people as chefs, entertainers, and menials. instantly demanding operating and lackadaisical, cozy at domestic yet keen to go away straight away if the proper chance comes alongside, halflings are a research in contrasts. They're additionally unswerving, good-natured, and the most effective partners an adventurer may have. And now, in the end, their secrets and techniques, tradition, ideals, and lore should be printed! Pathfinder participant significant other: Halflings of Golarion presents Pathfinder RPG avid gamers every thing they should play halfling characters, bringing a race that every one too usually slips into the history entrance and heart!

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Shamelessly willing to take advantage of their foes, they can instantly assess a situation in order to find a way to turn it to their own benefit. When a giant swings his club, the halfling opportunist leaps onto it and uses the momentum to make her jump go that much further. When a spellcaster hurls a bolt of magical energy, the halfling opportunist steps in front of a door and uses the power to help her to smash through so she can make her escape. When a courtier tries to blacken her name, the halfling opportunist lets loose such a stream of cheeky accusations that the courtier ends up looking like the traitor instead.

The GM decides this is a reasonable use, has the player make a combat maneuver check against the giant’s CMD, and allows her to use Piria’s Dexterity bonus in place of her Strength bonus in the check. She succeeds and will gain the aid another bonus on her Climb check on her next turn. The GM rolls the ogre’s attack with a –2 penalty, hits Piria, and deals damage, but Piria still gets the aid another bonus on her next Acrobatics check— perhaps as the ogre’s club hit her, she grabbed it, flipped onto it, and on her turn can jump from the swinging club using the +2 bonus from aid another.

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