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89, 12421249 Huang, J. , (2003b). Determination of polymer-polymer interaction parameters using Inverse Gas Chromatography. J. Appl. Polym. , 90, 671-680 Huang, J. , Coca, J. & Langer, S. , (2007). Liquid crystal solutions at infinite dilution: Solute phase transfer free energy and solubility parameter variations at phase conversion temperatures. , 253, 42-47 Janini, G. , Johnston, K. & Zielinski, W. L. , ( 1975). Use of a nematic liquid crystal for gas- liquid chromatographic separation of polyaromatic hydrocarbons.

Ln 1   1   i   i2 r    (5) where the volume fraction, , is defined in terms of the specific volumes. 15 Rv   p0  B  V    V  11 1 i  1   1  1      Vg0 p10V1   RT Vi       1i  ln  (6) where vi stands for the specific volume of the surfactant experimentally measured in the laboratory. , 1986). The solute densities at different temperatures were estimated from Dreisbach's compilation (Dreisbach, 1955). The second virial coefficient of the solutes was calculated by Tsonopoulos's correlation using critical constants tabulated in Reid et al.

Also account for considerable amount. Some of these selected compounds with higher yields during lignin pyrolysis and their chemical structures are shown in Fig. 5, and their yield distributions varying with pyrolysis temperature are presented in Fig. 6. The yields of obtained compounds possessing the syringyl unit structure (methoxyeugenol, syringol, and syringaldehyde) and 2, 3-dihydrobenzofuran (DHBF) are shown in Fig.

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