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However, a knowledge of thermodynamics is of vital importance for the study of the ocean and for the development of methods of thermohaline analysis of its waters. The methods of thermodynamics are directly related t o the study of the following problems, at least: the determination of the heat capacity of sea water at constant pressure and constant volume; the study of the adiabatic processes in the ocean, principally in its deep parts; the determination of the speed of propagation of sound in the sea; finally - and this is the most important - the study of such irreversible tliermodyizainic processes as heat conduction, diffusion and thermodiffusion.

Dorsey also gives a table of the relationship between p (the pressure in bars) and d (the depth in fathoms). 21. At first, we will confine ourselves t o obtaining a formula for the determination of the density of sea water at constant (atmospheric) pressure, bearing in mind its possible application to that range of questions where sea water can be considered as an incompressible liquid. The consideration of the T-S diagram or of the uT-T diagram (Figs. 8 - Maurer-Schumacher's formula for the determination of the speed of propagation of sound in the sea has the same form (see, for example, Mamayev, 1963).

61 EXACTNESS OF EQUATIONS OF STATE 47 Friedrich and Levitus' formulae yield very good coincidence with the Knudsen-Ekman data. 31 are given in Table A10. 11. ON THE COMPARATIVE EXACTNESS OF THE VARIOUS EQUATIONS OF STATE OF SEA WATER In conclusion to this chapter, let us note anew that the numerical values of the relationships which determine the equation of state of sea water have long since been verified and defined more precisely, and that more than once. 02 unit (Fofonoff, 1962). 5] for the determination of the conventional density of pure water, based on the determinations of density performed by Chappius ( 1907).

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